Captain and Crew

Our goal is to have everyone enjoy the fishing experience. And we specialize in personalized service from a experienced crew.

Captain: Jim Robertson

Crew: Christian Cavanaugh

"A man who loves his job!"
Christian Cavanaugh

Growing up in San Francisco and fishing from a young age, my love of fishing turned into a career. Since 1976 I’ve been able to pass the passion on to many people.

I’ve been a licensed captain of passenger carrying vessels for over 40 years. I’ve owned the Ginnie C from 1979-1982; Ginnie C II from 1982-1997; and now the Outer Limits from 1998 to present.

As a young boy, Christian loved to fish. Every chance he had, he’d come down to take a ride on one of the charter boats. He went away to college and played professional basketball. He never lost his love for fishing. Now he’s come back to his old roots and is working on the Outer Limits. Just recently, he successfully passed the exam and now has his captain’s license.